How It Works For Customers

Search & Book Photographers

Find your event date, event type and your wedding venue region . We will match you with our best photographers!

Lots of Photographers Available

Get your photographer search result based on your event date, event type and your wedding venue region.

Photographers Portfolio

View their portfolio before booking them for your memorable event! 

Book your photographer based on availability

Choose 2 event same day if your events are held on the same day. Otherwise, choose 1 event (IE Solemnization) and the event date. For additional event on different date, proceed to next step.

Additional Event

Need a photographer on a different date? No worries! Just click on the button “Add Another Event” to search for available photographer. 


Fancy some addons? Browse thru our wide selection of addons from Custom Album, Photobook,
Posterframe & Accessories to add to your package.

Checking Out

Checking Out is as easy as ABC! Just fill in the neccessary details (feel free to leave any details behind IE: Event 1 Preparation Time, Event 2 Preparation Time, Event 1 Address, Event 2 Address) and proceed with payment. Kindly be informed that we only require 20% deposit to be made upon checkout and 80% balance to be made 14 days before event.